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2018-05-23 10:53Add m option to attach with maximum prorityQuentin Rameau5+50-10
2018-05-23 08:50Makefile: strip only the installed binaryQuentin Rameau1+2-2
2018-05-23 08:48Makefile: set default install pathsQuentin Rameau2+3-1
2018-05-16 08:44Do not implicilty enable passthrough mode if no session name is givenMarc André Tanner1+10-9
2018-05-15 15:05Expose current session socket as $ABDUCO_SOCKETMarc André Tanner2+3-0
2018-05-15 12:27Expose current session name as $ABDUCO_SESSIONMarc André Tanner2+14-1
2018-05-15 11:57Constify maximum socket name lengthMarc André Tanner1+2-2
2018-03-19 18:03Expand build matrix on Travis CIMarc André Tanner1+21-7
2018-03-18 13:00Convert manual page to mdoc(7) format, restructure contentMarc André Tanner1+208-140
2018-03-17 18:29Print server process ID in session listMarc André Tanner3+26-7
2018-03-17 18:04Move server_accept_client function aroundMarc André Tanner1+21-21
2018-03-17 17:38Remove MSG_REDRAW it was actually never sent by the clientMarc André Tanner3+2-5
2018-03-17 17:27Print MSG_EXIT packet exit code in debug outputMarc André Tanner1+3-0
2018-03-17 10:28If stdin is not a terminal pass-through its data to the sessionMarc André Tanner3+14-3
2018-03-17 10:06Add -q (quiet) option to disable unnecessary outputMarc André Tanner2+11-5
2018-03-17 12:17Update test suite to account for ignored outputMarc André Tanner1+2-5
2018-03-17 11:29Add explicit option for command pass throughMarc André Tanner2+17-4
2018-03-17 09:38Only manipulate output terminal state if it is a terminalMarc André Tanner1+5-2
2018-03-17 09:32Correct EOF handling on client stdinMarc André Tanner1+3-0
2018-03-17 12:30Update year numbersMarc André Tanner2+3-3
2018-03-17 12:28Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/waldyrious/abducoMarc André Tanner1+2-0
2017-06-27 07:57Check return value of chdir(2) where it makes senseMarc André Tanner1+2-1
2017-06-27 07:45Add configure script to detect compiler flags and feature test macrosMarc André Tanner4+264-47
2017-06-27 06:50Avoid use of BUFSIZ to guarantee system independent package sizeMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2017-06-27 06:49Fix length of MSG_RESIZE packetMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2017-06-21 21:12Update year numbersMarc André Tanner2+2-2
2017-06-21 20:37Use fixed size integer types in protocol messagesMarc André Tanner4+15-8
2017-06-21 20:19Use defines instead of numeric values for standard file descriptorsMarc André Tanner1+3-3
2016-03-24 14:50Mention release in READMEMarc André Tanner1+2-0
2016-03-24 13:38Set version to 0.6Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-03-24 13:48Update year to 2016Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-01-31 18:08Clarify KEY_REDRAW default value (i.e. disabled)Stefano Frabetti1+2-1
2016-01-31 10:53Only test for redraw key if it is actually configuredMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-01-25 07:17Revert "Set sticky bit on socket"Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-01-25 07:17Merge branch 'env' of https://github.com/Pyrohh/abducoMarc André Tanner1+11-11
2016-01-25 06:26Fix manual page markupMichael Reed1+1-1
2016-01-20 11:36Properly handle EOF when reading from underlying applicationMarc André Tanner1+4-2
2016-01-15 11:50Mention release in READMEMarc André Tanner1+4-2
2016-01-09 11:03Set version to 0.5Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-01-09 10:53Make default command configurable via config.def.hMarc André Tanner2+5-2
2016-01-09 10:35Change default command handling to not use out of scope variableMarc André Tanner1+9-8
2016-01-09 08:57Add recommendation to run applications within dvtm under abduco to READMEMarc André Tanner1+7-1
2016-01-07 22:47Use the shell to execute default command given by $ABDUCO_CMDMarc André Tanner1+5-3
2016-01-07 22:42Print session list if neither action nor session name was givenMarc André Tanner1+2-2
2016-01-07 12:26Make cursor visible after client terminationMarc André Tanner2+4-4
2016-01-06 16:23Remove trailing white spaces - no functional changesMarc André Tanner2+8-8
2016-01-06 16:18Add some debugging instructions to READMEMarc André Tanner1+14-0
2016-01-06 13:55Print protocol attach flags in debug outputMarc André Tanner1+6-2
2016-01-06 13:37Make socket directory location configurable via config.def.hMarc André Tanner3+37-26
2016-01-03 11:07Update year in copyright clauseMarc André Tanner2+2-2
2016-01-03 11:03Update test suite to match new dvtm termination key sequenceMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-01-03 11:03Slightly tweek communication protocol for -l optionMarc André Tanner3+13-13
2016-01-03 11:02Update usage message to include -l optionMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2016-01-02 19:43Added -l option to move clients to the bottom of the stack.Luke Clifton4+30-6
2015-10-14 22:12Properly indent shell commands in README to make markdown happyMarc André Tanner1+3-3
2015-10-14 21:48Mention socat(1) as a way to provide read only sessionsMarc André Tanner1+25-0
2015-08-07 15:00Display more meaningful time in session listMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-08-07 14:58Allow squashing of command line flags togetherDavid Phillips1+17-19
2015-08-03 10:30Set sticky bit on socketMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-08-03 10:28Cleanup socket directory creation codeMarc André Tanner1+21-10
2015-07-30 10:20Fix display of status flags in session listMarc André Tanner1+5-16
2015-07-30 10:19Only delete stale sockets if they are sockets in the first placeMarc André Tanner1+2-1
2015-07-30 09:14Improve detection and handling of stale sessionsMarc André Tanner2+59-30
2015-06-23 11:04Fix strange behavior with abduco -ARoss Mohn1+4-3
2015-03-18 19:24Mention 0.4 release in READMEMarc André Tanner1+4-2
2015-03-18 17:23Set version to 0.4Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-03-18 16:49Reflect README renaming in MakefileMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-03-13 20:31Change screencast url in READMEMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-03-13 20:26Remove old READMEMarc André Tanner1+0-33
2015-03-13 20:26Add new README.mdMarc André Tanner1+151-0
2015-02-26 14:30Update man pageMarc André Tanner2+8-3
2015-02-26 14:15Improve -f handlingMarc André Tanner1+30-17
2015-02-26 13:13Allow read only attaches to newly created sessionsMarc André Tanner1+1-2
2015-02-26 13:12Remove left over from -C flagMarc André Tanner1+0-1
2015-02-26 12:58Remove -C mode, in favour of a -f flagyy2+15-19
2015-02-25 22:27Cleanup socket creationMarc André Tanner1+15-11
2015-02-25 22:16Fix access permissions on non-Linux systemsMarc André Tanner3+74-22
2015-02-21 17:03Set socket creation permission in a portable wayMarc André Tanner1+2-5
2015-02-19 16:49Set version to 0.3Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-02-19 16:46Change some year numbers to 2015Marc André Tanner2+3-3
2015-02-19 08:42Makefile: do not append to $SRC instead set itMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-02-17 21:46Simplify maximum socket name length checkMarc André Tanner1+2-3
2015-02-17 21:45Set packet length to zero on error caseMarc André Tanner1+3-1
2015-02-16 23:34Fix validation creteriaMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2015-02-16 23:20Validate packet size before sending/receivingMarc André Tanner1+4-0
2015-02-16 23:02More error handling fixesMarc André Tanner1+6-5
2015-02-16 22:28Make error handling more robustMarc André Tanner2+13-10
2015-02-16 21:54Check return value of open(2) #30720Marc André Tanner1+6-3
2015-02-16 21:44Also NUL terminate string in error case #30714Marc André Tanner1+1-0
2015-02-16 21:42Fix file descriptor leakage #30724Marc André Tanner1+4-2
2015-02-16 21:13Revert "travis: try to run clang analyzer upon build time"Marc André Tanner1+1-2
2015-02-15 09:30travis: try to run clang analyzer upon build timeMarc André Tanner1+2-1
2015-02-15 09:00Cleanup config.mk, introduce $CPPFLAGSMarc André Tanner1+5-11
2015-02-14 09:22Travis CI configMarc André Tanner1+8-0
2014-12-22 09:00Update testsuite to reflect terminal restoring changesMarc André Tanner1+29-12
2014-12-19 21:46Improve terminal restoringMarc André Tanner2+28-20
2014-12-22 01:01Slight formatting changeDavid1+8-8
2014-12-22 11:54Added -C optionDavid2+35-6
2014-12-22 12:30Better error message in case session name is too longMarc André Tanner1+11-3
2014-12-22 10:11Decouple socket path lookup logicMarc André Tanner2+34-32
2014-12-09 01:49Allows abduco to compile on DragonFly BSDJason Swank1+1-1
2014-11-15 13:54Set version to 0.2Marc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-11-15 13:14Add quick starting section to the READMEMarc André Tanner1+27-2
2014-11-08 17:42Use more descriptive execvp error messageBrandon Mulcahy1+2-1
2014-10-29 20:38Respect globally set $PREFIXMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-10-16 19:41Use pselect instead of selectMarc André Tanner1+7-1
2014-10-16 19:24Use _POSIX_C_SOURCE and _XOPEN_SOURCE instead of _GNU_SOURCEMarc André Tanner2+3-1
2014-10-16 19:20Set _GNU_SOURCE in config.mkMarc André Tanner2+1-2
2014-10-10 18:43Correct function definitions without parametersMarc André Tanner3+9-9
2014-10-05 06:38Make strip utility configurableMarc André Tanner2+2-1
2014-10-02 12:21Make setsid(2) failure non fatalMarc André Tanner1+1-2
2014-09-26 19:07AIX supportRoss Mohn2+5-2
2014-09-08 19:03Do not display hostname suffix in session listingMarc André Tanner1+4-1
2014-09-08 17:39Suffix session names with '@hostname'Marc André Tanner1+8-5
2014-07-19 23:16Add whatis entry to man pageEvan Hanson1+1-1
2014-07-08 21:00Simplify Solaris detectionMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-07-08 08:18Fallback to TTYNAME_MAX if TTY_NAME_MAX is not definedBergman Andrey1+4-0
2014-07-07 20:50Add library hint for Solaris to config.mkBergman Andrey1+3-0
2014-07-07 20:46Add Solaris supportMarc André Tanner3+89-2
2014-07-07 20:33Fix AIX supportMarc André Tanner1+12-22
2014-07-07 18:20Avoid usage of non-ISO-standard escape sequencesMarc André Tanner2+2-2
2014-07-05 07:38Add testsuite.sh to source tarballMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-06-30 13:02Only list sockets in session listMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-06-30 13:01Tweak manual pageMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-06-25 07:59Set detach key explicitly in testsuite.shMarc André Tanner1+6-1
2014-06-24 09:56Use correct printf format specifier for size_tMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-06-24 08:55Make client termination more robust by explicitly sending exit messagesMarc André Tanner2+22-18
2014-06-24 08:50Fix race condition on command executionMarc André Tanner1+55-24
2014-06-24 08:48Stop running tests once the environment is contaminatedMarc André Tanner1+2-2
2014-06-24 08:06Tweak some exit status testsMarc André Tanner1+6-1
2014-06-20 11:29Remove trailing white spacesMarc André Tanner2+4-4
2014-06-20 11:24Man page tweaksMarc André Tanner1+37-15
2014-06-20 10:35Try to find a socket directory where bind(2) succeedsMarc André Tanner1+27-11
2014-06-20 08:10Remove useless default paths from config.mkMarc André Tanner1+2-2
2014-06-19 08:31Add testcase involving dvtmMarc André Tanner1+46-0
2014-06-19 08:30Pass correct window size to underlying applicationMarc André Tanner1+7-1
2014-06-18 12:30Add rudimentary test suiteMarc André Tanner1+132-0
2014-06-18 12:24Mark zombie sessions with '+' symbolMarc André Tanner2+13-6
2014-06-18 09:35Make sure that clients are informed about session terminationMarc André Tanner1+18-15
2014-06-17 21:36Fix -n mode: do not wait for clients to connectMarc André Tanner2+7-1
2014-06-17 13:59Do not start server main loop if execvp(3) failedMarc André Tanner1+7-2
2014-03-22 16:38Source code formatting changesMarc André Tanner2+15-3
2014-03-22 16:27Introduce read only sessions (-r option)Marc André Tanner4+19-6
2014-03-21 23:25Remove unused codeMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-03-21 22:08Use STDIN_FILENO instead of 0Marc André Tanner2+3-3
2014-03-21 22:00Clean up debug packet printing codeMarc André Tanner1+19-26
2014-03-21 20:57Request screen size if most recently connected client disconnectsMarc André Tanner3+9-3
2014-03-21 19:40Simplify I/O handlingMarc André Tanner4+111-265
2014-03-10 20:07Use ISO 8601 date format in list_sessionLars Kellogg-Stedman1+1-1
2014-03-08 19:03Restore terminal before printing info messagesMarc André Tanner1+1-0
2014-03-07 18:53Update man pageMarc André Tanner1+26-5
2014-03-07 18:53Execute $ABDUCO_CMD or dvtm if no command is givenMarc André Tanner1+7-1
2014-03-07 17:57Fix support for relative socket pathsMarc André Tanner1+8-1
2014-03-07 17:41Respect $TMPDIR when creating socketsMarc André Tanner1+2-0
2014-03-06 22:12Change default key bindings to match dtachMarc André Tanner1+2-2
2014-03-06 21:24Mark the socket executable if clients are connectedMarc André Tanner2+17-2
2014-03-06 17:55Change resize policyMarc André Tanner1+2-2
2014-03-06 17:54Remove useless codeMarc André Tanner2+0-6
2014-03-06 17:49Send info messages to stderrMarc André Tanner1+5-5
2014-03-06 17:34Prefix info messages with session nameMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-03-06 16:19Recreate server socket upon receiving SIGUSR1Marc André Tanner2+45-25
2014-03-06 11:58Don't wait for clients to be present inorder to read program I/OMarc André Tanner1+2-4
2014-03-06 10:39Make delivery of exit status code more reliableMarc André Tanner1+20-17
2014-02-27 16:17Send exit status back to clientMarc André Tanner4+27-9
2014-02-27 16:04Accept resize request only from the client which connected firstMarc André Tanner1+2-1
2014-02-26 20:13Use the same packet structure for both ways of the client server communictionMarc André Tanner4+87-56
2014-02-25 22:36Unlink socket when server is killedMarc André Tanner2+5-0
2014-02-25 21:03Use more appropriate typesMarc André Tanner4+12-12
2014-02-25 19:35Pass suspend key (ctrl+z) to underlying applicationMarc André Tanner1+0-9
2014-02-24 16:51Sort active session list by creation dateMarc André Tanner1+23-11
2014-02-24 16:29Use abreviated weekday to preserve alignmentMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-02-24 16:29Unlink socket when forkpty failsMarc André Tanner1+1-0
2014-02-18 22:22Add debug.c to Makefile tarball generation targetMarc André Tanner1+1-1
2014-02-18 22:19Add forkpty implementation for AIXMarc André Tanner1+107-0
2014-02-18 19:06Initial importMarc André Tanner11+1093-0