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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -0,0 +1,151 @@ +# abduco a tool for session {at,de}tach support + +[abduco](http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/abduco) provides +session management i.e. it allows programs to be run independently +from their controlling terminal. That is programs can be detached - +run in the background - and then later reattached. Together with +[dvtm](http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/dvtm) it provides a +simpler and cleaner alternative to tmux or screen. + +![abduco+dvtm demo](http://raw.githubusercontent.com/martanne/abduco/gh-pages/screencast.gif) + +abduco is in many ways very similar to [dtach]("http://dtach.sf.net) +but is a completely independent implementation which is actively maintained, +contains no legacy code, provides a few additional features, has a +cleaner, more robust implementation and is distributed under the +[ISC license](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/martanne/abduco/master/LICENSE) + +## News + + * [abduco-0.3](http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/abduco/abduco-0.3.tar.gz) + [released](http://lists.suckless.org/dev/1502/25557.html) (19.02.2015) + * [abduco-0.2](http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/abduco/abduco-0.2.tar.gz) + [released](http://lists.suckless.org/dev/1411/24447.html) (15.11.2014) + * [abduco-0.1](http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/abduco/abduco-0.1.tar.gz) + [released](http://lists.suckless.org/dev/1407/22703.html) (05.07.2014) + * [Initial announcement](http://lists.suckless.org/dev/1403/20372.html) + on the suckless development mailing list (08.03.2014) + +## Download + +Either download the latest source tarball +[abduco-0.3.tar.gz](http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/abduco/abduco-0.3.tar.gz) +with sha1sum + + 175b2c0eaf2a8b7fb044f1454d018dac4ec31293 abduco-0.3.tar.gz + +compile and install it + + $EDITOR config.mk && make && sudo make install + +or use one of the distribution provided binary packages: + + * [Debian](https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=abduco) + * [Fedora](https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/package/abduco/) + * [Gentoo](http://packages.gentoo.org/package/app-misc/abduco/) + * [Ubuntu](http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=abduco) + * [Mac OS X](http://www.braumeister.org/formula/abduco) via homebrew + +## Quickstart + +In order to create a new session `abduco` requires a session name +as well as an command which will be run. If no command is given +the environment variable `$ABDUCO_CMD` is examined and if not set +`dvtm` is executed. Therefore assuming `dvtm` is located somewhere +in `$PATH` a new session named *demo* is created with: + + $ abduco -c demo + +An arbitrary application can be started as follows: + + $ abduco -c session-name your-application + +`CTRL-\` detaches from the active session. This detach key can be +changed by means of the `-e` command line option, `-e ^q` would +for example set it to `CTRL-q`. + +To get an overview of existing session run `abduco` without any +arguments. + + $ abduco + Active sessions (on host debbook) + * Thu 2015-03-12 12:05:20 demo-active + + Thu 2015-03-12 12:04:50 demo-finished + Thu 2015-03-12 12:03:30 demo + +A leading asterisk `*` indicates that at least one client is +connected. A leading plus `+` denotes that the session terminated, +attaching to it will print its exit status. + +A session can be reattached by using the `-a` command line option +in combination with the session name which was used during session +creation. + + abduco -a demo + +Check out the manual page for further information and all available +command line options. + +## Improvements over dtach + + * **session list**, available by executing `abduco` without any arguments, + indicating whether clients are connected or the command has already + terminated. + + * the **session exit status** of the command being run is always kept and + reported either upon command termination or on reconnection + e.g. the following works: + + $ abduco -n demo true && abduco -a demo + abduco: demo: session terminated with exit status 0 + + * **read only sessions** if the `-r` command line argument is used when + attaching to a session, then all keyboard input is ignored and the + client is a passive observer only. + + * **better resize handling** on shared sessions, resize request are only + processed if they are initiated by the most recently connected, non + read only client. + + * **socket recreation** by sending the `SIGUSR1` signal to the server + process. In case the unix domain socket was removed by accident it + can be recreated. The simplest way to find out the server process + id is to look for abduco processes which are reparented to the init + process. + + $ pgrep -P 1 abduco + + After finding the correct PID the socket can be recreated with + + $ kill -USR1 $PID + + If the abduco binary itself has also been deleted, but a session is + still running, use the following command to bring back the session: + + $ /proc/$PID/exe + + * **improved socket permissions** the session sockets are by default either + stored in `$HOME/.abduco` or `/tmp/abduco/$USER` in both cases it is + made sure that only the owner has access to the respective directory. + +## Development + +You can always fetch the current code base from the git repository. + + git clone https://github.com/martanne/abduco.git + +or + + git clone git://repo.or.cz/abduco.git + +If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, a bug report, a patch or something +else related to abduco then write to the +[suckless developer mailing list](http://suckless.org/community) +or contact me directly mat[at]brain-dump.org. + +[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/martanne/abduco.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/martanne/abduco) +[![Coverity Scan Build Status](https://scan.coverity.com/projects/4285/badge.svg)](https://scan.coverity.com/projects/4285) + +## License + +abduco is licensed under the [ISC license](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/martanne/abduco/master/LICENSE)