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commit 678c509f3d4db88dcc3a5acfcc05170ba855d1a9
parent 4fa38bb62e5e753af663962b8a15df4cabc0216a
Author: Marc André Tanner <mat@brain-dump.org>
Date:   Mon, 16 Feb 2015 22:13:00 +0100

Revert "travis: try to run clang analyzer upon build time"

This reverts commit 4fa38bb62e5e753af663962b8a15df4cabc0216a.

Apparently scan-build isn't installed by default, therefore
something like the following would be needed:

 sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-toolchain-r/test/ubuntu precise main"
 sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://llvm.org/apt/precise/ llvm-toolchain-precise-${CLANG_VERSION} main"
 wget -q -O - http://llvm.org/apt/llvm-snapshot.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add -
 sudo apt-get update -qq
 sudo apt-get install -y -q clang-${CLANG_VERSION}

.travis.yml | 3+--
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.travis.yml b/.travis.yml @@ -5,5 +5,4 @@ compiler: env: - DEBUG= - DEBUG=debug - - SCANBUILD=scan-build -script: $SCANBUILD make $DEBUG +script: make $DEBUG