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diff --git a/abduco.1 b/abduco.1 @@ -35,20 +35,41 @@ abduco .br .SH DESCRIPTION .B abduco -provides a way to disconnect a given application from it's controlling +provides a way to disconnect a given application from its controlling terminal thus it provides roughly the same session attach/detach support as .BR screen(1) , " tmux(1)" " or" " dtach(1)". +If the +.BR command +to execute is not specified, the environment variable +.BR $ABDUCO_CMD +is checked, if it is not set +.BR dvtm(1) +is executed. + By default all session related information is stored in .B $HOME/.abduco -or as a fallback in -.BR /tmp/.abduco . +with +.BR $TMPDIR/.abduco +as a fallback and +.BR /tmp/.abduco +as a last resort. + However if a given session name starts either with a dot or a forward slash it is interpreted as a path name and used unmodified i.e. relatively to the current working directory. + +If for some reason the +.BR unix(7) +domain socket representing a session is deleted, sending +.BR SIGUSR1 +to the server process will recreate it. .SH OPTIONS If no command line arguments are given all currently active sessions are -printed together with their respective creation date. +printed sorted by their respective creation date. Lines starting with an +asterik +.BR * +indicate that at least one client is connected. .TP .B \-v Print version information to standard output and exit. @@ -60,7 +81,7 @@ Set the key to detach which by default is set to CTRL+\\ i.e. ^\\ to detachkey. Create a new session and attach immediately to it. .TP .BI \-n -Create a new session but don't attach to it. +Create a new session but do not attach to it. .TP .BI \-A Try to connect to an existing session, upon failure create said session and attach immediately to it.